7 Tips for Hiring a Professional Tree Trimming Service

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7 Tips for Hiring a Professional Tree Trimming Service

There are over 125,000 tree-trimming services in the USA in 2022. That is a huge amount of choices for you to prune through. Choose the wrong one, and you might have to hire a second to fix it.

When you need residential tree trimming, you want the problem sorted fast. The longer you wait, the longer the branches grow, and the more work it takes to trim them back.

So how do you choose a tree trimming service? What do you look for? And what do the best tree trimmers have in common?

We have a guide to help you choose. Chop into the thicket for 7 top tips.

1. Hire Only Licensed and Certified Tree Trimming Services

Tree-trimming laws and regulations vary by state. Washington legislation states only certified arborists, foresters, and tree-risk workers can remove trees.

Look for an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) affiliation. ISA-certified arborists specialize in all aspects of tree health. They abide by a code of ethics and affiliation is a mark of quality.

Tree trimming services must train for the specialisms they perform. Look for Powerline, Climber, and Emergency Aerial Rescue certifications. All tree trimmers should be CPR and AED trained.

Only trained team members should use specialist equipment. Ask about what specialist services they offer.

2. Check Reviews and Ask for Referrals

Ask your neighbors, colleagues, and friends if they know any quality tree trimmers. Word of mouth is still an effective way of finding what you need. Ask what type of work they ordered and compare it to your project.

Check online reviews to find the best tree-trimming services. Look for a stellar service record with attention to detail. Did they meet the customer’s needs, time frame, and expectations?

You can also use aggregation websites to find tree services. But if you need a service in your local area, you are best to ask around yourself.

3. Insurance Policies Are Essential

Make sure your tree trimming service has the proper insurance and safety policies. Professionals care about their staff, customers, and work standards. Adherence to safety regulations and insurance is essential.

Check your tree trimmers have liability insurance. This covers accidental property damage during residential tree trimming.

Look for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This covers staff for wage replacement benefits if an injury stops them from working. It also ensures they can get medical treatment and vocational rehab.

Accidents that happen on your property could leave you open to a lawsuit. Only work with licensed and insured tree trimming services.

4. Choose a Tree Trimming Service with the Right Equipment

Think about what your project requires. Tree trump removal tools and chemicals need special staff training. They are more expensive than tools like saws, and only certain tree trimmers have them. 

Ask your tree trimming service about their equipment. How old are their tools? What condition are they in?

Only use tree trimmers with up-to-date equipment suitable for your project. Check their website or call them.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff is also vital. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines and regulations for PPE.

5. Call Multiple Services, then Compare Quotes

Start with an internet search or use the contacts from your referrals. Make a list of the top 5 services that offer the work you need. Filter them by the reviews you found earlier, then get a notepad and pen ready.

Call each in turn and ask for a quote. Many tree trimming services offer online quotes. But try to call them to test their customer service.

Are they helpful and polite? If you have any problems with your service, you need to know you can contact them.

Review your quotes. Think about the locations, costs, and services offered by each. But remember, price is secondary to quality.

6. Hire the Best You Can Afford

Sure, you can save some dollars by choosing a cheaper tree-trimming service. If you choose to do that, who can blame you?

But remember that quality comes at a fair price. The best tree trimmers will use highly-qualified staff with full certifications. They will use the latest tools, and their equipment will be in top working order.

On-team ISA-certified arborists will ensure all work is of the highest quality. It is worth paying a little more for ISA-affiliated tree trimmers. 

The problem with using a lower-quality service is you may have to pay again. Issues could arise before, during, or after the project. Fixing things after the work will cost you more; invest in quality service the first time.

7. Make Sure Their Schedule Fits Your Timeframe

Ask about their upcoming schedule and how much time they have. Can they fit in everything you need? Will you need to be present during the work on your property?

It is best if they can complete it in a day. This leaves you free to get back to your other commitments. Take into account the size of your project and make sure they can complete it.

Some seasons are busier for tree trimmers. Maybe the weather affects the work, and they have to extend. The best companies offer compensation or rescheduling for such events.

Before booking, double-check your schedule against theirs. Arrange a convenient time for you and double-check they can deliver.

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