The Ultimate Guide to Removing a Tree Stump

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The Ultimate Guide to Removing a Tree Stump

Did you know a dead tree can pose a risk to you and your family? Rotted trees often become hazards because they can fall and damage personal property or hit a loved one. 

Removing the tree is step one, but you’ll also need to get rid of the stump. Hauling away a tree stump will improve the aesthetic of your landscape. If you’d like to learn about tree care, keep reading.

You can cut, burn, or use chemicals to remove the stump. Some homeowners will hire a professional to handle this project. 

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

You Might Need to Use Chemicals

Some homeowners use a chemical to get rid of a tree stump. This is the least laborious way to get rid of the stump.

When using a chemical stump remover, remain patient. It might take one month for you to begin seeing results.

If you want the tree stump to rot fast, you can speed up the process. Use a chainsaw and break down the stump so it’s above ground level.

Make sure you wear protective safety gear. You’ll need to drill holes in the rest of the tree stump. Putting the holes close together is your best bet. Use a giant drill, and go broad and deep.

Fill these holes up with water, and then you’re going to add potassium nitrate. Use another kind of fertilizer high in nitrogen. You could also use stump remover granules.

Soak the ground surrounding the tree stump with water. You will cover the ground with a plastic tarp. Your tarp will hold in the moisture and speed up the rotting process.

Cover the plastic tarp with some mulch. Look at using an organic mulch to help hold in the moisture.

Add more nitrogen or water to the tree stump. Cover it up again with water and mulch. Every so often, you’re going to want to check the progress.

Once four weeks have passed, you will notice the tree stump has become spongy. Use an ax and get rid of parts of the tree stump.

Cover the remaining bits with dirt if the tree stump parts get loose. You could even plant grass seeds or flowers over the area.

Removing the Tree Stump Manually

If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can remove the tree trunk manually. It might take half a day to complete the project. 

When working on this kind of project, wear safety gear. You’ll need an ax, bow saw, digging bar, and mattock. Pick up steel toe boots and work gloves. If you have a massive tree stump, try a stump grinder.

Use the large end of the mattock to start digging around the stump and loosening the dirt. Shovel the loosened dirt away. Keep shoveling until you begin seeing the roots of the tree.

Cut the tree roots away from the tree trunk using your mattock or a slight bow. Continue digging and chopping until you reach the tree’s taproot. Now, you will need to start clearing space around the taproot.

Use your bow saw or ax to slice through the taproot; after cutting through the taproot, wiggle the tree stump before hauling it out of the soil.

It might take you hours to get this step done. But after you haul it out, you’ve officially removed the tree stump.

You Could Burn the Tree Stump

Homeowners will also try the burning method. You can burn the tree trunk along with the other stump removal methods.

Burning a tree stump might feel overwhelming. Follow safety measures, and eliminate the tree stump. You will need a power drill, fuel oil, and a stump removal product to burn the tree stump.

Hire Tree Care Specialists

If you don’t feel comfortable trying to remove the tree stump alone, you could hire a professional. 

Professional arborists will know how to safely remove a tree stump from your home. You should compare a few different arborists before picking someone.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional. Your lawn care professional can keep up with lawn maintenance. 

You Could Use a Stump Grinder

If you need to get rid of a large tree stump or need to get rid of a few old stumps, rent a stump grinder. You can rent a stump grinder at the local hardware store for your tree stump removal. 

You will also want to have a rake, chainsaw, shovel, and mattock.

Stump grinders weigh up to 1000 pounds. Before renting a stump grinder, make sure you can transport it. Otherwise, you will need the rental company to deliver it and pick it up.

Try to clear up the debris, dirt, and rocks around the tree stump. With your chainsaw, cut the stump down as much as possible.

Put the stump grinder wheel above the stump and then switch it on. Lower the stump grinder a few inches and carefully move it from side to side.

Grind the stump down until the stump is four inches below the ground. Then, you will fill the hole with wood chips and cover it with grass or topsoil. You can complete this project or hire professionals to handle it.

Make a Plan to Remove That Tree Stump Today

Look at removing a tree stump right away if you notice your tree has begun to rot. You could look at burning the tree stump as well. Keep up with your yard care. 

Hire someone to finish this job if you don’t want to complete this project alone.

Need to hire a professional? Contact us today for more information.