What Is a Reasonable Price for Tree Trimming?

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What Is a Reasonable Price for Tree Trimming?

Did you know that some trees can live for 1,000 years? Even if your trees aren’t that old, they will still need some maintenance to thrive. But if you’re looking into arborist services, you might have some concerns about the cost. 

What is a reasonable price for tree trimming? Read this tree trimming guide to find out!

Consider the Tree Size

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the bigger the tree, the higher the tree trimming cost. For example, you could expect to pay over $1,000 to trim a tree that is 70 feet high. But you may only need to pay $200 for a tree that is 20 feet high.

Taller trees require better harnesses and equipment to complete tree trimming safely. On top of that, it takes longer to remove debris, adding to the cost.

Many tree trimmers will use bucket trucks to access trees. Trees that are taller or on uneven terrain might require special accommodations, which will increase the price.

And if your tree has branches that extend over powerlines, it will be trickier to access them safely. A tree trimming company will need to consult with your local utilities first. 

Look at Your Tree’s Health

A tree impacted by disease or pests may cost more to remove. That’s because the tree trimming company will want to assess and inspect the tree first. They’ll also want to take measures to help preserve healthy parts of the tree, if possible. 

You may pay an extra $100 for the inspection and other safeguards to trim a diseased tree. Similarly, a tree that’s been damaged by a storm may be unstable. The extra risk required to trim it could translate to higher costs. 

When it comes to tree trimming tips, a big one is to avoid these problems on the front end. Look for signs like brittle bark, dead branches, and missing foliage before your tree gets too unhealthy to preserve. And always turn to a trained arborist to evaluate your trees for damage following a bad storm. 

Number of Trees Impacts Cost

Keep in mind that it will cost more to prune multiple trees. If you live in an area with a dense cluster of oak trees, you’ll want to tackle all of them. And that could result in a higher price. 

On the other hand, you may be able to score a discount by getting multiple trees trimmed. While it may cost $200 to trim a single tree, for instance, you could pay $300 to get 2 trees trimmed.

And don’t overlook the importance of timing. Expect to pay more if you opt to trim your trees in the fall and winter months. These seasons are best for tree trimming because the trimming will prime your trees for spring — but securing an arborist will come at a premium.

What Is a Reasonable Price for Tree Trimming?

Are you still wondering, “What is a reasonable price for tree trimming?” Factor in the size and location of your trees as you determine a price estimate. And know that unhealthy trees may cost more to remove or trim.

When you’re ready for tree pruning or removal, contact us and we can help!