What is tree stump removal?

Tree stump removal is accomplished with a stump grinding machine that is not only fast but is completely safe for the environment.  It uses a high-speed disk with teeth that will grind the stump and roots into small wood chips; leaving the remainder of the stump below grade.

Is stump grinding necessary?

It’s not required, but it is a good idea.  If the stump remains, it can actually grow, become a breeding ground for pests, and it will become a mowing and landscaping obstacle.  We recommend avoiding chemicals that can leach into surrounding areas and are typically ineffective on the stump.


What is a tree removal service?

A tree removal service can be performed for land clearing, dead or storm damaged trees, or for fallen trees.  Emergency tree removal service is when a tree has fallen on a structure and threatens the safety of your property; we will use a crane to safely remove it.

Will homeowner’s insurance cover tree removal?

Your homeowner’s policy may cover a tree removal when damage is caused if the tree falls on your home, garage, or fence.  However, each homeowner’s policy is different, and we recommend you verify if coverage is available.  If it is, we will work with your insurance company on the claim.

When should a tree be removed?

One or more trees may need to be removed for new construction, when a tree is diseased and cannot be saved, when the tree is interfering with your home or other structures on your property, or when a tree is dead but still standing (which is an accident waiting to happen!)


What is crane assisted tree removal?

This is a tree removal process that uses a crane to lift a tree (or pieces) safely and move it to a specified work zone.  This method is not only faster when compared to traditional methods, but it minimizes disruption and damage to your landscaping.

What is low-impact tree removal?

Low impact refers to the amount of disruption to property during the tree removal process.  We utilize our cranes that provide a fast and efficient way to safely remove the tree with little or no impact to your property or landscaping.


Is it dangerous for a tree branch to touch a power line?

Anything that touches a power line is considered dangerous.  This may require emergency services to safely remove the branch.  We also recommend that you contact the power company if the limb has fallen onto the line as a result of wind or storm.