5 Reasons to Hire a Land Clearing Service for Your Property

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5 Reasons to Hire a Land Clearing Service for Your Property

Just 1 acre of land in Washington is worth $23,967, reports Land Search. Western Washington, with its Pacific coastline, valleys, and rivers, is in high demand.

If you have unused land on your property, now is the time to make use of it. Land clearing is the perfect way to prime your property for development. 

What are the benefits of hiring a land-clearing company? Is it worth it? Why not do it yourself?

We have a guide to clear this up. Read on and make space.

1. Land Clearing Creates Business and Real Estate Opportunities

Clearing land is the perfect way to make space for new business. If you have ground fit for construction, all you need to do is open it up. The best land-clearing services can survey your estate and make space.

Many small American businesses use rented units for storage, manufacturing, or administrative work. After clearing land, you could build business units large or small. Advertise in your area for tenants.

Own your own business? Use the space yourself for storage, events, and business functions.

Vacant land is always in-demand on the real estate market, more so if you live in a prosperous area. Investors and developers pay well to stake a claim in this. Create a long-term investment in your property.

Even if you want to sell your current property, clearing land will make it look better. More space, better views, faster sales.

2. Trust Certified Land Clearing Services to Get It Done

Professional land clearing services have certifications. They adhere to current regulations and safety policies. You know your property is safe when you hire the best.

Lower-quality land-clearing companies may use old equipment. They may lack the right tools or training for the job. You need top-notch equipment: bulldozers, excavators, graders, and compactors.

The best land-clearing companies invest in personal protective equipment (PPE). the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifies what companies need.

PPE includes helmets, goggles, steel-toe boots, ear muffs, puncture-proof gloves, and face shields.

The best land-clearing company will have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This protects their team if an injury stops them from working. They will receive income compensation, medical care, and disability benefits.

Working with a land clearing company without insurance is risky. You could be liable if an accident happens on your land.

3. Adhere to Environmental Regulations

There are state and federal regulations on land clearing. It is hard to sift through them all, but professional land-clearing services know them. 

To avoid fines or worse, you need to get permits before you clear land. This can be tough without the correct guidance. Your land clearing service can help you with this.

You need to survey your land before you start. This checks for protected species, trees, or areas within the planned land-clearing area.

Some areas have hidden water sources, and if your hit one of these you could be in trouble. it is also possible to release toxic landfill materials during land clearing. A proper survey can help protect you.

You also need to consider your neighbors, and how your project will affect them. What exactly counts as yours, and where does it end? From a legal standpoint, you need to know where you can and can’t clear. 

When it’s all done, how will your land-clearing company dispose of the waste? Eco-friendly services recycle tree matter to stimulate new soil growth.

4. Avoid Property Damage and Forest Fires

Bank Rate reports wildfires caused over $11.2 billion of damage between 2021 – 2022. Land clearing and tree removal can help protect you from this.

Your unused land or forest space could have dry, tinder material waiting to ignite in the hot months. Shrubbery and trees can spread this fire to your property or your neighbors.

By removing dead trees and flammable materials, you can help stop this. Land clearing companies know what to look for. You can create a safe, clear area close to your home to stop other forest fires from reaching it.

Land clearing itself, when done wrong, can damage your property. Root removal, for example, could damage your pipes. Excavation work requires professional training and ground surveys.

Protruding tree stumps pose a hazard to people and vehicles. Only certain land-clearing companies have tree removal tools or chemicals. They need special training to do this with success.

When you use the best land clearing companies, you can trust your property will be safe during the work. They know the safe area and how to remove trees safely. If you attempted this yourself, well, think about it!

5. Less Stress, Less Mess, Less Time

No matter how DIY-savvy you are, land clearing is a huge project. It will eat into your time and money if try to do it yourself. What you thought was an easy job ends up taking months or longer.

Then there is the equipment. You need professional equipment, and you need to rent this. Without knowing the business, you may end up with subpar machinery unfit for the job.

Operating land-clearing tools without training is dangerous. Besides injuring yourself, you could also damage your property. To fix mistakes, you will likely need to hire a land-clearing company anyway!

So start your project off right. Hire the best land-clearing service you can afford. Then sit back and watch your property open up with fresh possibilities.

Need to Make Space on Your Property?

We hope our guide to land clearing helped you get started. Give your property the space it needs. Hire a land clearing service to do the heavy work.

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