6 Signs You Need to Hire Tree Trimming Services

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6 Signs You Need to Hire Tree Trimming Services

Are you concerned you might need your trees trimmed?

Tree trimming is important for keeping your trees healthy. It’s also vital for keeping your yard and the surrounding area safe. But if you’re not a tree expert, it can be difficult to tell when your trees need a trim.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these 6 signs you need tree trimming services today.

1. Dead Branches

When branches die, they become very unstable and brittle. It becomes easy for these branches to fall. If they’re large enough, they could damage your home or injure someone.

Smaller branches may become trapped against the tree, causing further damage. Or, with strong enough winds, even the smallest branches can become a safety hazard if blown down.

2. Tree is Too Large

Trees are slow to mature in most cases, but there may come a point where your tree becomes too large for your yard. This is one of the most obvious signs you need to trim your trees. If this happens, roots can spread and cause damage to your home’s foundations.

Or, the branches can start interfering with power lines overhead. If branches start to cross over each other, this can damage the bark, leaving your tree vulnerable. Not only will it cause decay in those branches, but that decay could also spread through the whole tree.

3. Heavy Branch Growth

Have you noticed that your yard is too shady? If your tree has heavy branch growth, sunlight will struggle to reach the inner branches.

It can also cause your tree to resist wind, not let it pass through. The more the branches resist the wind, the more chance there is of them snapping off and causing harm in a storm.

4. Signs of Disease

If your tree starts to get diseased branches, you must have them trimmed. This will stop the disease from spreading, and it’ll be less likely you’ll lose the tree completely.

Also, if you don’t trim the branches, the disease can spread to other trees. You need to act fast, so if you spot any branches that look wrong to you, call in a tree trimmer to check it out.

5. Wrong Growth

If your tree has a weird shape, or it’s poorly-formed, trimming can help reshape it for normal growth. It’s natural for trees to grow up towards the sun. If they’re planted in wide, open spaces though they can grow outwards, not upwards.

This can lead to long, heavy branches that will collapse in a storm or under heavy snow. Proper trimming will protect your property and your family.

6. Your Yard Looks Messy

Nothing screams a messing yard more than an overgrown hedge line and untrimmed trees! You don’t want your neighbors whispering about you for all the wrong reasons.

Overgrown trees will lower your home’s outside aesthetic appeal. They’re also a breeding ground for pests that could start to cause issues for your home. Inside and out.

Tree Trimming Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these 6 signs you need a tree trimming service, don’t delay. The importance of tree trimming can’t be overstated, as it will help keep your tree in good health and looking its best.

If you’re looking for a tree trimming service you can trust, contact us today. At P’n’D Logging and Tree Service, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise for all your arborist needs.