How to Handle Ice Covered Trees

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How to Handle Ice Covered Trees

A white Christmas conjures up imagery of a winter wonderland — one where your loving family is nestled by the fire, bellies are full, and the holiday spirit makes us feel warmer than a fire.

That is until you step outside. A snow-covered tree is beautiful when on a postcard, however, an ice covered tree can be dangerous. 

Unlike its softer snowy cousin, ice shouldn’t be thrown during a friendly snowball fight. The ice that hangs from trees is a safety concern for all those beneath them. 

Read on to find out how to handle ice-covered trees and make your holidays safer.

Ice Covered Trees

Mentioning winter ice can lead to stories about car accidents or videos showing people sliding down their front steps. No one likes walking or driving on winter ice, as it can be downright terrifying.

Hanging branches are a rather extreme example of how heavy a tree may become due to the branches covered in ice.

Potential dangers as a homeowner can mean a tree coated in ice can have sharp icicles haphazardly hanging off of it. Or, a tree covered in ice can even fall onto your homes, neighbors, or even a person. As a homeowner, the thought of having to deal with homeowners insurance during the holidays is daunting, to say the least.

Play It Cool

Can’t I just shake the dang tree? No!

In the long term, this can cause damage to your tree, preventing it from recovering. In the short run… Well, it’s dangerous. Falling ice and branches are generally unsafe conditions.

What about spraying it with water? Water freezes, making your branches heavy from ice, or heavier.

And salt! Please do not salt your trees or any other plants. Unless you want your lawn to wither away, keep salt where it belongs. There is a reason why salting the earth symbolizes a curse and not a good omen.

Smaller trees can be pruned by your steady hands. For larger trees, those near power lines, and those hanging above structures, consulting a professional would be the best idea.

Preparing for the Next Storm

Preventative care can be the most inexpensive alternative to potential disaster. When it comes to tree care, having a professional inspect your trees can minimize or even prevent damage caused by ice.

Prepare your smaller shrubbery by simply covering it in a protective material during the cold winter months. To prevent branches covered in ice, a thorough pruning can help. 

For multi-stemmed trees, cabling may be needed.

When reaching out to a tree service company, knowing the dangers and liabilities of “cheap tree removal” can save you and your wallet.

Stay Frosty

Ice covered trees can be dangerous. The danger does not only lie for those who stand beneath its branches, but for the branches themselves as well.

At P’n’D Logging and Tree Service, we understand that, as a homeowner, your to-do list can be quite heavy. Let us help you spend a little less time running around and a little more time with your family.

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