The Dangers and Liabilities of "Cheap Tree Removal"

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The Dangers and Liabilities of "Cheap Tree Removal"

If you’ve got a tree issue on your property, it can be tempting to simply the cheapest option to remove it. We understand. It can be expensive to hire professional, licensed workers. But, it’s worth it.

Using a cheap tree removal service is dangerous and can end up costing you much more. Keep reading to learn about the risks and liabilities you encounter when hiring uninsured contractors. 

Protect Yourself From Legal Trouble

Tree removal is a naturally dangerous profession—workers in this field are more than 3 times more likely to die than the average U.S. worker. So, there is a reason why professionals carry insurance and take lots of safety precautions.

Hopefully, any unlicensed tree work services realize the risk they are taking and take safety seriously. Licensed companies certainly do. 

But that isn’t the only person who needs protection. If uninsured workers are injured on your property, you open yourself up to a whole lot of legal liability. Don’t take the risk. Only hire companies who have their own insurance coverage for their work. 

If the injury is bad enough, you could owe huge sums of money. It’s possible you could lose the very property you were trying to make safer or more attractive by hiring a tree service in the first place. 

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may even specifically say that it won’t cover damage from unlicensed contractors. We are fully insured and licensed for your protection and ours. 

Protect Your Home

Licensed tree service professionals undergo significant training in their trade. This includes in-depth training on their own safety, as well as how to avoid property damage as they cut down trees.

We use quality, up-to-date equipment to ensure we do the job in the safest way for your home and for our employees. It is likely that an unlicensed outfit will not have the right equipment. Don’t risk the tree or equipment damaging your home due to unprofessional work.

Don’t Risk Cheap Tree Removal

Even though hiring unlicensed workers could save you hundreds of dollars in the moment, the risk is not worth it. The damage to your home due to shoddy workmanship or equipment could end up costing thousands.

If an uninsured worker is badly injured or killed on your property, you may be looking at being sued for life-altering financial damages and have to sell your home. The risk is just not worth the small upfront savings. 

Contact Us

If you have any more questions about our fully licensed and insured tree services, please contact us. We offer fair prices and quality work, which costs a little more than cheap tree removal services. But it is worth it for the peace of mind you’ll have. 

We understand it’s expensive to own a home and it can be frustrating to pay for tree services, but for the safety of your home, your finances, and the workers doing the job, make sure to hire a licensed, insured tree service company like us!