How Much Do Tree Removal Services Cost?

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How Much Do Tree Removal Services Cost?

As a homeowner, you will invariably need to remove a tree from your property, especially if one is damaged or dying. But exactly how much does it cost to remove a tree? There is no typical cost for tree removal services, and quotes will vary depending on a number of factors. Follow our guide to make sure you get the right price for your job. 

Do I Need Professional Tree Removal Services?

The short answer is yes. Safe and effective tree removal requires extensive training and experience and skilled use of specialized equipment. Removing large trees involves a lot of risk and safety is the number one reason you should seek professional tree removal services. Professional tree removal services will also save you time and money because the necessary equipment is complex and expensive. 

Even if you only wish to remove a small tree, a DIY job will likely result in complications that will eventually need to be resolved by a professional. 

How Much Do Professional Tree Removal Services Cost?

Exactly how much you can expect to pay for a professional tree removal service depends on a number of factors. The most important of which is tree size.  There are other factors to keep in mind also which affect the total price.  Trees that are in areas that are hard to access or tight quarters may require special equipment which raises the price.  Keep in mind that usually, the more trees involved the better the price per tree.  The key is to get a written estimate for the work that you want to be done.  The prices below are for budgetary purposes.

Tree Removal Costs By Tree Size

Different tree removal services will categories tree sizes differently. However, you can expect to see the following tree sizes and prices. 

  • Small: Up to 15 feet. $225 – $500
  • Medium: 15 to 25 feet. $500 – $900
  • Large: 25 to 60 feet. $900 – $2500
  • Extra Large: over 60 feet. $2500 – $4500

These prices are per tree, and different services will have slightly varying sizes and prices. You might have noticed that there is a wide price range within each size. Consequently, there is no average cost of tree removal. Whilst height is the primary factor for quoting prices other variables impact how much you will pay. 

Tree Condition

The condition of the tree will determine a lot about how the tree removal specialist will approach the job. Trees with damage, or in awkward positions may need additional support or equipment to do the job safely. 

Tree removal specialists will assess the tree before providing a quote. Things such as tree health, the lean of the tree, trunk stability, and branch health and placement will dictate how simple or complex the job is and this will be reflected in the price. 

Tree Diameter

The width of the tree will dictate how a professional will approach the job. Skinnier trees are harder to climb and delimb and may require more equipment, such as a crane which can increase the cost. Thick trees can take more time to cut down which can increase the price. Each project is different.

Tree Location

Where you live will play a role in the cost you pay for tree removal services. Both moving the equipment to your home, as well as hauling away the felled trees, takes time and costs money. 

These costs vary widely, but most tree removal services will have a service area within which they do not charge for additional travel. Outside of these services may charge either mileage fees or flat fees.  

Tree Accessibility

Tree removal services may charge surcharges for trees with limited accessibility. If the tree sits near power lines or near your home branches cannot simply be cut loose but need to be lowered by rope. Densley packed trees make trimming complex. Access to the job site will also impact the cost. 

Getting A Tree Removed

Tree removal costs vary in price. The primary factor is the size of your tree, however a number of other variables will influence what you can expect to pay. If you have a tree that needs to be removed contact P’n’D Logging and Tree Services for a quote.