How to Remove a Tree Stump Quickly and Easily

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How to Remove a Tree Stump Quickly and Easily

Do you have a tree stump in your garden that you can’t get rid of?

Cutting down a tree is dangerous but relatively easy. All you need is a chainsaw or ax and you can soon bring it down. However, tree stump removal can be a different story.

Due to the roots and how low below the ground it may be, it can sit in your garden for a long time. But removing it doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to remove a tree stump quickly and easily.

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Burn the Stump Completely

You may have never thought this was a possibility but it’s an easy solution to get rid of the stump. All you need are a few items which include a power drill, fuel oil, and a tree stump removal product.

To burn it you’ll need to drill some holes into the stump and sprinkle the removal product inside. Next, you need to pour the fuel inside, let it soak for a while, and then light it. Make sure the flames don’t get too out of control, and once burned, put a lot of water and topsoil on it.

Be careful with this method and ensure you can carry it out if you live in a neighborhood.

Remove It With a Stump Grinder

Stump grinders are large machines that you can rent to remove tree stumps. They can weigh a lot so consider how you will transport it, or, ensure a rental company can deliver/pick up.

Before you use it, make sure you understand how to maneuver it by reading the instructions, or, ask whoever you rent it off for a demonstration. We would also advise to use it with a partner due to the size and weight of it.

This method can be a quick solution for you with great results.

Hire the Professionals to Do It for You

Instead of doing all the work yourself, why not hire professionals who can remove it whilst you sit back and relax.

Professionals will be able to remove the stump quickly and safely meaning you have no chance of injuring yourself. This method will be more expensive than others, but at least you will save yourself hours of manual work.

We recommend hiring an expert if you are uncomfortable with handling heavy machinery, or, just don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself.

How to Remove a Tree Stump Quickly

We hope this article has been useful to you and you have discovered a few ways on how to remove a tree stump.

As you can see, there are multiple ways you can remove a tree stump. Some methods are safer and quicker than others, but all can remove the tree stump completely.

If you need a tree stump removed, contact us for a competitive quote.