5 Telltale Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

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5 Telltale Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

When is it time to remove a tree from your yard?

Before you know it, a tree that’s been there for decades could come crashing down on your home. A branch might fall during a storm, or the whole thing could break and land on someone.

Not sure if it’s time to call for emergency tree removal services or if your tree can still stick around for a few more years? We’ve got five telltale signs you should look for. Continue reading our list below to learn more:

1. Leaning On Your House

You should consider tree removal service options if there’s a tree leaning on your home. It could happen by sheer chance. A tree could simply grow that way, and the weight will eventually push it to one side. 

There’s also the issue of a dead tree simply resting on your home. If the trunk gives in to things like internal damage or gravity, it could come crashing down. The damage this could deal will cost you more than the expenses for emergency tree removal services. 

2. Dead Branches

Even if a tree seems fine, you have to look at its branches too. Some branches might break due to damage from storms, strong winds, or rot.

The problem is that you’ll never know when a damaged branch could fall. One strong breeze could snap it and cause it to fall on your house or someone passing underneath. It’s time to remove a tree when there are too many damaged or dead branches posing constant threats to your house and the people with you.

3. Danger to Your Foundations

It’s not enough to simply look at the trunk or branches. You have to look down at the ground too. It’s important to check the roots of trees near your home because those can cause trouble without you knowing it. 

Roots can grow and spread without warning. Over some years, they could reach down to the very foundations of your house. Yes, tree roots can weather and break rocks!

This endangers the stability of your whole house.

4. Signs of Fungal Growth

Mushrooms, moss, and other fungi are signs you have a dying tree in the vicinity. It might look sturdy on the outside, but there’s no telling about its integrity inside. A tree could rot from the inside out. 

It’s time to hire professional tree removal services once you see constant fungal growth around a tree.

5. Storm Damage

Even with the best tree care, a big tree could still pose a threat after a major storm. The tree might suffer from a damaged trunk, broken branches, or a weaker foundation. Any of these could cause the tree or its pieces to crash down. 

Storms can even uproot a sturdy, tall tree. The rest of the tree might look fine, but upon further inspection, you might discover it uprooted and leaning. 

Hire Professional Emergency Tree Removal Services Today

Now you know when it’s time to call for emergency tree removal. A tree can look strong and fine on the outside, but fungi, storm damage, or falling branches are signs of a dying tree. Before long, it could hurt you or damage your property.

If you spot any of these signs, we’ve got your back. We provide emergency tree removal services to keep you safe. Feel free to contact us and let us get the job done!