Why DIY Tree Removal Is a Bad Idea

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Why DIY Tree Removal Is a Bad Idea

Listen, we get it. That tree in your backyard blocks the picturesque view of that lake or mountain, and it’s finally time to get rid of it. Renting a chainsaw and deciding to take on the challenge yourself may seem like a good way to save a few bucks, right?

Before you attempt DIY tree removal… don’t. 

During a five-year research period, scientists at Hindawi found that there were 115,895 hospitalizations due to chainsaws. These are untrained homeowners just like you who thought they could handle the task of tree removal. 

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why trying to get rid of that tree on your own may be one of your biggest regrets. 

1. Gravity May Do Your Job For You

Once a tree becomes weak, there’s no telling where it will fall (no, you can’t predict it). There’s no rhyme or reason to where a tree will fall, no matter how many calculations you make. 

Gravity will take over a little over halfway through the cut and could timber the tree at any moment. If you forego a tree removal company, the risk of hitting a powerline, home, or person increases dramatically. 

OSHA reported recently that there are around 100 fatalities every year from falling trees. Is saving a few bucks really worth losing a life? 

2. Risk of Miscalculations

Gravity isn’t the only unpredictable factor when it comes to tree removal. 

There are varying degrees of sickness and decay within trees that are difficult to recognize. Trained professionals spend years developing an eye for these details so that when they begin to cut, they aren’t risking anyone’s safety. Decaying trees shed wood, whole branches, or splinter sporadically during the removal process can be life-threatening. 

What if your tree isn’t sick? A misdiagnosis on your part might mean removing a perfectly healthy tree that just needed a trim. 

3. Lack of Necessary Tools

Have you ever tried to redo the plumbing in your bathroom or bake a recipe from Pinterest? Most of the time, you are left with a larger problem than you started with. Trying to remove a tree by yourself will likely land you in the same situation. 

Sometimes, it’s physically impossible to do on your own. You probably don’t have a forty-foot knuckle-boom crane or harnesses hanging out in your shed, but you may not be able to remove a tree without these tools. 

Failure to use the right equipment could result in damage to your home, your family, or neighboring property (not to mention death). For a complete breakdown of the importance of using a crane for tree removal, check out this article

Skip the DIY Tree Removal

Believe us; it’s not worth it. The risks associated with DIY tree removal far outweigh the improbable benefits. 

None of this is meant to discourage you from removing that pesky tree, though! When you’re ready to start excavating, P’n’D Tree Service is eager to help. You can read our full list of services here, and be sure to check out the other helpful articles on our blog!