7 Questions to Ask Your Tree Removal Company

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7 Questions to Ask Your Tree Removal Company

Trees in your compound will increase your home value by 3-15%. But, they might become an eyesore or a nuisance or might be blocking your house needing removal.

A professional tree removal service will make it easy for you to maintain the beauty of your property. By removing dead trees, you’re enhancing the safety of your property by preventing pests and diseases.

You’re also improving your landscape curb appeal. The tree removal contractor should have a license and the right experience to do the job exceptionally.

But how do you know you’re hiring a reputable, trustworthy tree removal company?

Keep reading to know the questions you should ask before hiring a tree removal service provider.

1. Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

Proof of licensing and insurance is a must. Homeowners are more likely to trust tree removal contractors who are fully licensed and insured.

Licensing and insurance indicate that the tree removal company has the authorization to work on your property. They also mean the company operates according to the industry regulations.

Ensure the licenses and insurance the contractors provide you are up to date. Why is that necessary?

Their insurance will cover any possible damages or injuries when providing you with their services. Working with a tree removal service provider without a license or insurance is a huge risk.

Failure to check on these two details makes you liable for the worker’s injuries and your property damages. You’re also financially responsible for any worker’s hospital bills.

2. For How Long Have You Been in Business?

When hiring a tree removal company, you must know how long they have been in business. Tree removal is a meticulous process that needs advanced skills and experience.

Younger or newer companies might not have the skill to tackle complicated tree removal tasks. Also, ask specific questions about the actual job.

That will let you know if the contractors are old in the game since they should know how to resolve all sorts of tree removal troubles. Professional tree removal companies can also save you cash by suggesting trimming instead of removing a tree.

The company should safely tackle the problem and provide a great service – your mind will be at ease.

3. Do You Have Any References, and are You Experienced Working in This Area?

Though both independently important, the questions should go hand-in-hand. Professional companies should be happy to share their reviews and references.

They love to share their exceptional work throughout the years. That way, you know the type of quality, professionalism, effectiveness, and accuracy to expect.

Their reference list should also have their previous clients’ contact information. People pleased with their work will be happy to tell you why the tree removal company is a perfect choice.

Also, the references and reviews should be from your area. That’s because you know your neighborhood landscaping too well.

A local company will be the best option to tackle your tree removal problem. Also, hiring a professional company you can easily contact later is perfect.

Don’t hire companies that hop from town to town – you may never see them again.

4. What Equipment Will You Use?

Knowing their equipment choice is crucial if you want the best result. You will know if the company is prepared and qualified to tackle the tree removal task.

For instance, a crane is the best choice if you want to remove a huge tree that towers over your home. The approach will ensure they safely remove the tree without damaging property.

That will also apply to smaller tasks like tree maintenance and palm trimming. The equipment they will use and their work plan will let you know their ability to handle the job.

5. Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Ensure the company you’re working with clears-out everything before signing a contract. Some of the things that can be vague include:

  • How many branches will they trim?
  • Does the tree removal service include stamp removal?
  • Will they fill up the lawn if they damage it in the process?
  • Is removal of green waste included in the total price?

Some companies add the cost of stamp removal to the total cost, but some price it independently. Ensure you ask for a detailed quotation to avoid getting caught out.

6. Do You Practice Topping?

Topping refers to the indiscriminate removal of tree top branches in an attempt to reduce the size of the tree. After removing all treetops, the tree develops dominant trunks that compromise your safety.

Don’t consider any company offering topping in their contract. That should be a major red flag.

7. Is there a Certified Arborist on the Staff?

You might wonder why an arborist is necessary when looking to remove a tree from your yard. Professional arborists are familiar with all aspects of tree care.

They know how, where, and when to cut for the best results. They will help to preserve and enhance your tree’s fruitfulness. A certified arborist enhances their knowledge through formal training.

Having an arborist in your tree removal staff is helpful since they can catch any other tree issues that need trimming. If your tree has a disease infection, they will discuss the available options with you to ensure you and your property are safe from harm.

Hire the Best Tree Removal Company

Hiring a reputable tree removal company is a huge decision. If poorly done, what seemed like a simple tree removal might turn into a costly mistake.

To vet the most reputable tree removal company, you must ask the above questions. If you’re looking for the best tree removal company, we can help!

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