How to Fell Tall Trees Safely

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How to Fell Tall Trees Safely

When tall trees start leaning toward your house, you can literally see the danger looming over you. So, what can you do about it?

You must use a chainsaw to cut down the trees so that they come crashing down in a different direction. This is just as dangerous as the previous situation if not more so.

However, it is possible to fell tall trees without anybody getting hurt. Specifically, you must use the right equipment and follow the proper safety precautions. 

To help you stay safe, we’re going to show you exactly how to do this. Do not attempt tree felling until you read this complete guide. Then, follow these steps to fell trees safely.

1. Watch Out for Power Lines

If nearby power lines are broken when the tree falls, the exposed live wires could kill someone. So, before you cut, locate all nearby power lines.

Is it possible that the tree could fall on these power lines? Are the power lines already touching the branches or interwoven with them?

In any of these scenarios, you should avoid this DIY project and hire a professional tree service. Also, let the power company know the date of the tree removal so they can shut off the power. 

2. Check for Other Limb Entanglements

The tree limbs might also be intertwined with other trees or tall structures. This can affect the direction in which the tree falls. Remove any entangled branches before felling the tree.

3. Check for Flimsy Limbs

Diseased or damaged limbs can fall and hurt someone while you attempt to fell the tree. Look for such branches and remove them before felling.

4. Use the Buddy System

While you cut, the tree might fall sooner than you expect. And you may not notice when it does since the chainsaw and safety goggles limit your hearing/vision. So, always work with a partner who can watch while you cut and alert you to any danger.

5. Plan Your Escape Route

Plan an escape route for when the tree falls. Rule of thumb: run counterclockwise starting at a 45-degree angle from the expected felling direction.

6. Use the Right Tools and Safety Equipment

To fell your tree, use a (long enough) chainsaw and felling wedges. Do not use these tools until you’re fully trained on how to use them safely. You’ll also need a hard hat, safety goggles, work gloves, and work boots.

7. Hire a Professional

Saving money by doing it yourself is great and all. But chainsaws and falling trees are both extremely dangerous. 

Plus, while you spend time acquainting yourself with your new chainsaw, that tree gets more and more unstable. By the time you’re finally up to the task, it could be too late.

Please, consider the safety risks of DIY tree felling right now. Hire an emergency tree removal service if you need to.

Stay Safe When Felling Tall Trees

Remember: safety is the most important concern when felling tall trees. Carefully follow these steps to prevent injury and death.

Furthermore, don’t take any chances. If you’re not 100% sure you can fell a tree safely, get the professional help you need right here. Contact P’n’D Logging and Tree Service for safe, efficient tree removal.