5 Reasons Why You Should Remove That Rotting Tree

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5 Reasons Why You Should Remove That Rotting Tree

It can be a big decision to undertake: wondering whether to remove the tree in your yard. Should you do it, or leave it alone?

One thing you need to consider when making this decision is if you have a rotting tree. A tree that’s dead poses far more troubles than one that’s living, and should make your decision to remove it easy.

Still not convinced?

Read on to find out all of the reasons you need to get that rotting tree out of your yard ASAP. You’ll be glad you did. 

Your Rotting Tree is Attracting Pests

A rotting tree is a prime target for pests. Termites alone cause $5 billion in property damage every year in the US, and that rotting tree in your yard is making you a target.

Because they’re attracted to pests, leaving them there can cause a build-up. Even if you hire pest control to fight the infestation, more are likely to be attracted to the tree.

It’s best to deal with the problem at the source. 

It’s Weak, Which Makes It Dangerous

One of the dangers of a rotting tree is the fact that it’s simply dangerous.

Branches can break off and fall on the house. If the limbs are heavy, that can cause damage.

They could even fall on you, your pets, or children while outside.

If there’s a strong storm or a hurricane, a rotting tree is more likely to fall over in its entirety. 

It Might Save You Money

One of the reasons you might be reluctant to book someone to undertake the task of removing a rotting tree is the cost. Taking down a tree can be pricey, and maybe spending the money doesn’t feel so good. Is it necessary?

The truth is, if you leave it for too long, you might end up spending a lot more when the tree comes down on your car or house. 

Tree Disease is Contagious

Many diseases that cause trees to rot and kill them are contagious. This means it could spread to the other trees in your yard, making them dangerous too.

The longer you wait, the more trees it might be necessary to remove. 

It’s Just Not Attractive

The final reason might seem shallow, but it’s the truth — it’s just not attractive to have a dead tree in the yard!

It’s okay to want your yard to look nice for you and when you have company over. Dead tree removal means that that unsightly tree will be removed from your yard and you can get it looking lovely again. 

Get That Tree Removed Today!

If you’ve been hesitating on getting that rotting tree removed, it’s time to take action. Not only does it look bad in the yard, but it’s also posing a danger to your property and potentially your loved ones!

Act now before it costs more money later and infects the other trees around you.

For tree removal in Maple Valley, WA, contact us today and we can take care of those dead trees.