Winter Essentials: Which Is the Best Wood for Firewood?

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Winter Essentials: Which Is the Best Wood for Firewood?

Whether you’re using a fireplace or fire pit, you need to use the best type of wood. The same goes for the wood-burning stove.

Without the best wood, you’ll not get a fire going. If there’s no fire, there will not be any heat. 

It’s no secret there are different types of firewood. It’s important to have the best wood for firewood on hand ready for any occasion. Read on to learn about the best wood for firewood. 

Best Type of Wood for Firewood

Data shows that 1.9% of households rely on wood for heat. If you fall under this category, you can’t afford to lose the fire. Stick with hardwood to keep the fire going and the heat coming. 

Hardwood comes from different types of trees. These include ash and birch. This type of wood burns longer and hotter. 

Hardwood trees have denser wood. Their density gives them higher heat values. 

Some hardwoods provide higher heat values. Considering buying hickory and oak. Both have higher BTUs, thus producing the most heat. 

It’s best to use dry wood as it’s optimal for burning. If you burn wood that hasn’t dried, you can expect to get more smoke and water vapors. You’ll experience poor indoor air quality. 

Best Smelling Wood for Firewood 

As soon as wood starts to burn, it’ll let off an aroma. Not all wood smells the same. If you’re using wood to cook, you must use the best firewood for wood stoves. 

When it comes to smell, dryness is a key factor. The most popular types of firewood known for their aromas include cherry and oak. Other popular types include cedar and pine. 

Want a pleasing fruity aroma? Cherry is the go-to firewood. If you want a bold, savory scent, hickory is for you. 

Which Firewood Burns Cleanest

It’s great to have wood that will burn long and hot. You must also think about a clean burn. The wood you use needs to burn efficiently and produce minimal smoke.

Your firewood’s moisture level must be below 20%. Anything below this level will produce a clean burn. 

If the firewood isn’t dry enough, it should be left to season. This involves leaving the firewood out to dry for six months to a year after cutting it. If you can’t season the firewood, it’s a good idea to buy kiln-dried firewood. 

If you’re able to get firewood off your backyard or land you’re a lucky person. If you need help removing trees or clearing land, you must call the pros. 

Make Sure To Buy the Best Wood for Firewood

No matter what your firewood needs are, you must use the best wood for firewood. To get the most heat from your firewood, it’s best to use dry hardwood. This type of wood will give you a longer burn for your money.

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