Why Do Trees Fall Suddenly? A Beginner's Guide To Tree-Related Emergencies

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Why Do Trees Fall Suddenly? A Beginner's Guide To Tree-Related Emergencies

Trees seem to be some of the sturdiest forms of life that nature has to offer. If that’s the case, why do trees fall in neighborhoods and residential areas all of the time? 

We’re going to look at the idea of falling trees today, exploring why the trees in nature might be a little sturdier than the ones in your backyard. The information below should give you a good idea of what it takes to avoid falling trees in your yard, and why they might fall if they do.  

Why Do Trees Fall? 

In the majority of cases, trees fall because of a disparity in weight between the anchor of their root systems and the weight of their branches and leaves. The soil has a lot to do with that relationships.

Bad weather, high winds, and lightning can also throw a few curveballs here and there. You can protect yourself from tree falls in the yard if you know the circumstances that lead to trees that are prone to falling. 

Start by noting that trees in the wild are granted with a lot better soil than the ones in urban areas. Decomposing animals and other organic matter work their way into the soil and create a nutrient-dense environment for a tree’s roots to grow. 

Further, water tends to be more scarce in forests. As a result, root systems have to stretch and expand themselves in search of water. This allows them to set a solid foundation for the tree. 

Trees in the wild also intertwine their root systems, and those relationships provide even more strength. 

So Why Do They Fall In Your Yard?

The trees in your yard are given a different set of circumstances. In most cases, residential trees are watered regularly. This gives the tree all of the nutrients it needs without requiring it to stretch its roots very far. 

The tree doesn’t expend energy stretching its roots if there isn’t a need to. That creates a root system that doesn’t have the support it needs to withstand the trials of nature. 

All of those nutrients are also aimed at producing beautiful leaves and branches. Residential trees tend to have very healthy branches that stretch out, in many cases, beyond where they would in nature. 

So, you have a small root system that’s meant to support the exaggerated weight of flourishing branches and leaves. Imagine that you had a massive upper body that was held up by toothpick legs. 

Eventually, you would tip over, too!

Need Your Trees Trimmed? 

The best way to keep yourself safe from falls is to manage your trees. Trees fall all of the time, and you never know when it’s going to happen. Trimming, removal, and land clearing are all good options to prevent falling trees in your yard. 

If a tree falls, there’s a good chance that other trees in on your property will too. We’re here to help, though. 

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