Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tree Removal Services

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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tree Removal Services

Trees can cause significant damage to power lines and endanger human lives if they aren’t maintained properly. In one study, trees caused over 18,000 power outages in six years.

Some energy providers, like PSE, take care of trees growing near power lines. Yet, you’re responsible for keeping the trees on your property in good health, so they don’t fall over and damage buildings, vehicles, or innocent passersby.

Likewise, if you need to get rid of a tree on your property, you could take the blame if something goes wrong. Here’s your guide to choosing tree removal services that won’t let you down.  

1. Credentials Count

When you hire a licensed tree removal company, you know you’re working with a legitimate business that meets the standards required in your state.

In Seattle, all tree removal companies must hold a Washington State Contractor License as well as a City of Seattle Business License to register as a tree service provider.

They must also agree to comply with:

  • Seattle Street Tree Ordinance (SMC 15.43)
  • The Street Tree Manual
  • The Seattle Traffic Control Manual
  • ANSI A300 Standards for tree care

You should also ask to see their arborist certifications to ensure they’re up to the task at hand. Lastly, every arborist must have a certificate of Insurance, with the City of Seattle listed as an additional insured party. 

2. Investigate Their Tree Removal Experience 

Tree removal is a dangerous undertaking and requires high levels of skill and experience. So, it makes sense to work with a contractor who has many years of experience as an arborist.

These experts can anticipate and deal with problems much more effectively than contractors who are new to the task. 

3. The Right Tools for The Job

Browse contractors’ websites to see if they have the skills and tree removal equipment to carry out what you require of them. 

Apart from tree removal, make sure they offer stump grinding services to ensure your tree doesn’t grow back again. 

4. Check Tree Removal Services References

Speaking to previous customers and reading online reviews will give you an idea of how professional and efficient a tree removal service is.

After all, no matter how qualified and experienced they are, they aren’t much use to you if they don’t show up, or leave a huge mess in your yard afterward.  

5. Comparing Removal Costs

When you’ve narrowed down your search to the top few contenders, ask these contractors to provide a cost estimate for the job at hand. Ideally, the arborist should visit your home to inspect the tree before they provide this estimate. 

Make sure you read the fine print when comparing cost estimates. A more expensive service might include additional perks like longer warranties on their workmanship. 

Choosing Tree Removal Services in Your Area

You should always work with a local tree removal service for all your tree pruning and tree removal needs. 

Local tree experts know how to work with the most common tree species in your neighborhood. They’re also aware of any municipal bylaws about trees and how these affect you. 

You need to look no further when choosing tree removal services in Puget Sound. We tick all the boxes when it comes to the above pointers.

Browse our website to see what we can do, or get in touch to discuss your tree removal needs today.