The Benefits of Removing Tree Branches

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The Benefits of Removing Tree Branches

The trees on your property play many roles. In addition to beautifying your space and tying into your landscaping, they also serve as homes for all of the birds and small critters that also call your address their own. 

If they’ve started to look overgrown, it might be time to trim them back, removing certain branches in the process. 

Why is this step so important and why should you prioritize it? Today, we’re sharing five benefits of removing tree branches and sharing how we can help.

Different Types of Tree Branch Removal

There are a few different ways to trim back your trees. Depending on their condition, you may need to employ one strategy or a combination of multiple ones. These include:

  • Fine pruning: Removing small limbs to enhance the tree’s appearance
  • Standard pruning: Trimming back more significantly to support the tree’s branch structure 
  • Crown reduction trimming: Removing major branches from the top of the tree
  • Hazard trimming: Removing certain branches that may pose a safety concern

With hazard trimming, experts will normally remove all branches that are at least two inches in diameter. On the other hand, crown reduction trimming should be performed on a less-frequent basis. Normally, homeowners only go this route after a significant event, such as:

  • Powerful storm damage
  • Branches growing onto power lines
  • Branch dieback

Why Should You Remove Tree Branches?

After a storm, you might think about picking up all the tree limbs scattered around your backyard. Yet, did you think about removing loose branches from your trees or hiring someone who can take care of the task for you? Here are a few reasons why this is a smart move to make. 

Keeps Your Tree Healthy

Regular pruning keeps your tree happy and healthy. It allows you to remove any dead or dying tree limbs that may be impeding growth or absorbing unnecessary nutrients. By doing so, you can also ward off future decay.

In addition, it also allows your tree to enjoy more exposure to the sun, as well as better air circulation, which can improve overall health and longevity.

Reduces Risk of Injury

When a tree limb dies and breaks away from the trunk, it poses an overhead hazard. It could fall at any time and is especially vulnerable during a storm. By going ahead and removing them before they fall, you can keep your loved ones safe and avoid damaging your property.

Improves the Appearance of Your Tree

Dying branches aren’t just dangerous. They can also be unsightly.

When you prune them back, you can improve the appearance and structure of your tree. You can also open up your view and improve the look of your landscaping. 

Need Help Removing Tree Branches?

As you can see, removing tree branches can help beautify your property, protect your safety, and improve the appearance of your trees.

However, this isn’t always a task that’s safe to handle on your own. Instead of going the DIY route, call our team! Since 1977, we’ve been providing professional tree services in and around the Greater Puget Sound. 

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