Land Clearing 101: How Do I Clear My Own Land?

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Land Clearing 101: How Do I Clear My Own Land?

Right around 270,000,000 acres of land were distributed by the Homesteading Act of 1862. One of the requirements of this law was that landowners needed to improve their land to claim it.

One of these major improvements is land clearing. Whether you are a modern-day homesteader, or a developer clearing land for viable uses should be a major priority.

Land clearing costs can be very high depending on the type of land you have and its vegetation coverage.

Clear land can be productive land but, you probably have many questions. This guide will provide some of the answers you need.

Assess Your Land

The first step in clearing land is to assess it. This means taking into account all topographic, hydrologic, and ecosystemic features. You should conduct a thorough survey and site assessment

Take into account all forms of flora and fauna. Make sure to research environmental regulations as well to ensure that your land clearing will be legal.

Make a Plan for Land Clearing

You should make a thorough plan before starting your land clearing operation. This should include things like timelines, projected costs, and the desired end state. You should also determine how much heavy equipment you will need.

Renting Heavy Equipment

Any serious land clearing project merits some heavy equipment. Things such as bulldozers, masticators, feller-bunchers, and excavators all may be necessary.

If you are not qualified or competent enough to operate this equipment you should seek outside help from someone who is. There is no faster way to degrade your land than by using heavy equipment if you are not experienced.

Hire Outside Help

If you are clearing less than an acre of land, you can probably do it by yourself with some heavy equipment and a chainsaw. This assumes you have experience operating both.

If you don’t, or you have a vast tract of land that needs clearing you need to contract some outside help. Find some reliable land clearing services by doing research. 

Finding the Right Help

You might be asking yourself: “How can I find the best professional who deals with land clearing near me?” There are some factors you should take into account with your research. 

Continue to Maintain Your Land

Clearing your land is only the first step in managing it. You will have to continue to clear it seasonally to ensure that it remains productive.

Don’t neglect further land maintenance as without it your land will revert to its initial overgrown state. Always be a student of your land and you can keep it productive over time.

Clear Land Can Be Productive Land

Land clearing is a vital part of making your property productive. That said, you need to clear land the right way with a team of professionals if you want to avoid clear-cutting and degrading its environmental potential.

Contact us today if you need a hand with your land clearing operation. We can handle all jobs big or small and get the condition of your land where you want it to be. That way you can get back to enjoying the fruits of your labor.