Is Tree Stump Grinding Necessary?

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Is Tree Stump Grinding Necessary?

Trees on residential properties can become a hazard during severe inclement weather like typhoons. For example, there were 25 fatalities during Hurricane Laura in Louisiana last year. Four were due to trees. 

It is only one reason for removing a tree on your property. Insurance covers damage from a fallen tree. However, no one can bring back a lost life.

Tree removal does not cut the tree flush with the ground. It always leaves a stump.

Consider tree stump grinding to get rid of the entire tree. In this guide, we will discuss everything to know about tree stump grinding. Read on and learn:

Better Choice for Homeowners

Tree stump grinding is a better choice than tree stump removal since it takes out the root system. A machine chews on the stump until it is well below the ground. 

Grinding allows you to avoid digging out all the roots. Some older trees have roots encompassing your entire yard. It is a more manageable solution when you only want to get rid of the stump.

Get the Stump Out of the Way

Many homeowners underestimate the size of a tree stump. With this mindset, you will likely leave it alone. You will soon discover it gets in the way of your yard activities.

For example, you must avoid the stump when using a lawnmower or risk damage. Kids must be more careful when running or playing on the lawn. In both cases, the stump is both a hindrance and a hazard.

A tree stump also compromises your property aesthetics. It makes your yard look messy and unattended.

Avoid Attracting Insects

Stumps are an attractive home for insects like carpenter ants, wood bees, and termites. They love the decaying wood and roots.

When they make a nest on your property, expect them to visit your home and other healthy plants. Call a professional to grind the tree stump as soon as possible.

For a Healthier Yard

Fungi and mold can also make a home out of an untreated stump. It is dangerous for both humans and animals. Your best bet is to grind a tree stump on your property to prevent the spread of decay and infection.

Avoid Getting a New Tree

Trees are tenacious. Even after cutting it down, it can regrow from the same stump. Some stumps grow a bunch of smaller trees around it.

It is good news for some who didn’t want to cut down the tree in the first place, but it’s a hassle for others. A stump grinder will ensure the tree disappears for good.

Get Quality Tree Stump Grinding Services Now

Some homeowners can rent a stump grinder and do the work. However, tree stump grinding is a tenuous process. Instead, get expert services for the best results.

Are you looking for professional tree removal services? We can remove trees on both residential and commercial properties. Consider contacting us today.