A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Firewood

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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Firewood

For some mysterious reasons, humans are drawn to fire. Though we have much more efficient ways to warm ourselves, we keep returning to our past, fascinated by the flames. 

Many people have fire pits in their backyard, you may even have one yourself. But do you know about the different types of firewood? 

Wile fires are always nice, not knowing the type of firewood you’re using can diminish the fire experience. This article will talk you through tips for buying firewood, and a brief introduction to the different types.

How To Choose Firewood

Choosing firewood is all about knowing whether you want hardwood or softwood. Each has advantages, it all depends on what you want out of your fire experience. 


Hardwoods are denser, darker logs that come from trees that take a longer time to grow. The density of hardwoods makes them a slow-burning type of wood, perfect for spring nights when you want to sit out in front of your fire pit for hours. If you’re looking for a wood that will provide you with heat, look no further than hardwood. 

Oak is perhaps the most popular type of hardwood. It’s great used mixed in with other types of logs to keep your fire burning all night long. 

Birch and ash are other great options. Combine all of these with some kindling wood to get a great fire going. 


Softwoods come from trees that grow quicker. They’re usually lighter and less dense. They light up quick and let off a lot of smoke — so they’re not great for an indoor wood-burning stove. Softwoods are best worked into firepits along with hardwoods, placed near the kindling to help get the fire going before hardwood logs are brought in. 

Larch and pine are some of the most popular softwoods. However, one of the best things about fire is how beautiful it is; it’s an aesthetic experience. If you want a fire with a distinctive crackle and a beautiful smell, go with cedarwood.  


No matter what wood you choose, it’s important to store your firewood correctly. Avoid wood that’s been treated, because when it burns it will release carcinogens into the air.

Also avoid burning any non-local wood, because invasive species can get introduced to a new environment. A terrible instance of an invasive species right now is the citrus long-horned beetle, in Washington. 

Know the Types of Firewood 

Lighting yourself a safe fire is one of the best ways you can get in touch with nature. Getting to know the types of firewood will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the experience, and bring a new level of tranquility to your life.

Understanding the difference between hardwood and softwood is only the first step in the journey of better understanding wood. Explore our website for more information regarding this important material. 

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