4 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

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4 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Did you know that more people have been injured by falling trees than by sharks or lightning? Not only do trees have the potential to kill a person, but they can also cause billions of dollars in property damage. 

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve got a tree or two on your property. While they can make a beautiful addition to any yard, you must inspect them regularly. 

If any of them are showing signs of decay or leaning over, you may want to chop them down before they have the chance to hurt anyone. Check out this guide to learn more. 

1. It’s Showing Signs of Decay 

If your tree has a crack going up the middle of the trunk or the bark is peeling, it’s a dangerous tree. These are all signs of damage and decay.

There’s a good chance that the structural integrity of the tree is no longer what it used to be. All it will take is one good storm to send it toppling over, so you should look into tree removal services before that happens. 

If a tree has minor damage from a storm, and you think that there’s still a way to save it, contact an experienced arborist. They’ll inspect the tree and let you know if it needs to go. 

2. It’s No Longer Growing Leaves 

Is a tree in your yard no longer growing the beautiful leaves that it once did? There are several reasons why it may have stopped. 

Pests could have taken up shelter in it. If a lightning strike does enough damage, it can cause trees to stop growing leaves. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of old age

No matter the reason, your tree isn’t likely to bounce back. Start weighing your tree removal options and take the poor thing out of its misery. 

3. It’s Too Close to Your Home

If you have a tree growing close to your home, you don’t only have to worry about it falling and hurting someone. The roots can grow outward and tear the foundation of your house apart. 

If the tree’s branches are allowed to rest against the side of your home, it can cause mold growth. Of course, in this instance, you could trim the branches instead of getting rid of the entire tree. 

4. It’s Dropping Branches

Most trees drop branches after a big storm. You can pick them up and call it a day. 

The only time you may need to consider removing a tree is if it’s dropping branches at random. This is a sign of pest damage, which can lead to a dead tree. 

Signs That a Tree Needs to Be Removed From Your Yard 

Is a tree in your yard dropping branches? Is it resting too close to your home?

It might be time for you to introduce it to a saw blade or let someone else do it. We can help you with all your tree-related issues. If you live in the Maple Valley area, contact us today!