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  •   What a great company for your tree removal needs.. They are fast and very very professional along with fair priced. Chris came out and was delightful and personal to work with. They showed up in force and cleaned up and was done in 90 minutes. They are very detail oriented and have a very good crew. Thanks for a fantastic job!!

    thumb Greg L.

      We just had PnD remove 4 trees and thin about 7 or 8 others. They were not the cheapest nor the most expensive. Ultimately, our decision came down to who we felt most comfortable with and that wasn't out to collect a commission or BS me. Another reason we chose PnD is because other companies anticipated 3-4 days for removal. Chris Jr. and his team removed 2 cedars and 2 firs with a crane, limbed up 8 other trees and cleaned up all within about 4-5 hours!

    Please note - this is a well-oiled machine and these guys move quick. Most importantly, they're safe, considerate and friendly. Chris Jr. already knows he'll be back out for more tree removal needs in the future and I cannot wait to see the show all over again (I'm sure the neighbor kids can't wait either).

    Thank you all for kickin' a** and working hard! We are extremely impressed and thankful.

    thumb Derek K.

      Excellent service!  Cassie provided excellent, skilled delivery and Kelly helpful, courteous communication via phone.  Will use your service again.  Thank you.

    thumb Frank F.
  •   I buy firewood from PnD about once a year or so.  Their price is a bit higher than what you will find on Craig's list but they deliver the volume you ask for, the wood is dry, clean, no bugs and uniformly cut every time.  You can't ask for much more than that.

    thumb Robert P.

      Weren't the cheapest or most expensive. I just felt confident with their assessment of the job and cost. 2 trees. 80 ft Cedar & 105 ft sprucefir topped at 20 ft with 4 huge shoots. Showed up 10 minutes early, underway on time. Huge amount of wood. Had excellent gear & the right amount of personnel. IOW, Pros.
    Finished when he said he would but still surprised me. Careful of surrounding things like the neighbor's  fence. The kind of company you want to hire for this kind of job.

    thumb Harry H.

      The crew was effective and fairly efficient and the price was reasonable. However, although the estimate sheet said the VISA and MASTERCARD were accepted, I was EXTREMELY disappointed to find out there was a 3% charge to use VISA or MASTERCARD.  Absolutely no mention of this additional charge until the work was done and I had to pay the bill.  I'd think twice about using this company again. Bad business practice.

    thumb D H.
  •   Amazing!   Thank you PnD for doing such a professional and extremely efficient job in taking down our tree.  It was a difficult operation being that it was a 90' tree, next to a retaining wall, down a hill and next to the water!   Totally impressive!   Oh!  And it was snowing.

    thumb Pam T.

      In regards to firewood they were outstanding. Same day delivery of a fir/maple mix and a reasonable price. Thank you for the prompt service the day after a holiday. See you next time.

    thumb Shaun W.

      We had P and D logging out to our home to remove trees on 3 separate occasions, and also grind a very large stump.  We have always had reasonable quotes from Chris Jr.  P and D is professional and have the right equipment and personnel to get the job done quickly with outstanding results.  We have been totally pleased with their service and would recommend them.

    thumb Frank G.
  •   I had this company remove a number of trees on my property. They came prepared, with enough people and enough equipment to get the job done quickly. The crew had the information needed and didn't need a lot of guidance from me. They were easy to communicate and work with. Recommended.

    thumb Susie M.

      We had one if the best experiences imaginable having 8 evergreens removed from our back yard. First off they came out quickly to give us a very reasonable estimate. A quick call to their office got us on the schedule for the following Monday. Got a call the next day that they may be able to fit us in Friday. So they actually finished the job earlier than stated. When does that ever happen!  They sent five guys and a huge chipper and were in and out in less than two hours. Super efficient with minimal impact to our yard. Very friendly crew as well.  Can't imagine anyone doing it better. Thanks PnD.

    thumb Rob M.

      Called several companies to quote us on having a tree limbed that was up against our new home and overhanging our chimney. PnD gave us the lowest quote and was able to come out the day after we accepted their quote. They did exactly what we wanted and hauled everything out in less than an hour.

    thumb Kate C.
  •   Needed to get rid of a bunch of laurel bushes, great bid and great service, they chipped all the brush I had in my front yard at no extra charge, Would highly recommend, crew was outstanding.

    thumb Mike C.

      I hired P'n'D to come out and remove four arborvitae bushes and a large cherry tree that was too close to the house. They came by my house while I was at work to develop the quote, which was very respectful of my time. The work was scheduled within a week and it took their team less than an hour to get it all done. Everything was quick and they did a fantastic job. I would absolutely use them again.

    thumb Travis P.

      OMG! I am SO pleased with the job I had PnD do! I wasn't even home when they started and they did exactly what I wanted them to do. The guy that was actually cutting (Asian, of course LOL) was so precise! The guys did a great job cleaning up and everything...and the were very friendly too!
    I just happened to bump into this booth at the Home Show. I highly recommend  them! Thank you!

    thumb Jen K.
  •   pruned fruit trees and removed dead limbs from magnolia tree.  did wonderful job.

    thumb J K.

      I called P&D to clear up two tree tops that had fallen in our backyard during a wind storm. They showed up early because they had a slot open up. They were quick, clean, and professional. They were also very reasonably priced. Before I knew it, it was like our tree fall had never happened!

    thumb J D.

      We had them remove a large Maple in the backyard.  I think they had the thing out in a little over 2 hours including cleaning up.

    Great folks, would definitely recommend and will use again! They were absolutely professionall, friendly, and competitively priced.

    thumb David B.
  •   These guys are awesome; they arrived on time actually earlier than scheduled appointment.
    I had 5 large trees to be removed 2 of them so big they are called Historical / Significant trees in Medina City.
    There where 7 people that worked as 2 teams, a Bucket truck, a Full size crane truck, 2 full size trucks with each have a separate wood Chipper attached a big Stump grinder machine a semi truck size Lug hauler with its own fork that was picking up the already cut trees from the ground so artistically and another truck that came out later for help to move out smaller usable woods.
    The 2 crew where super fast , in fact the other bids that where higher by about 15% estimated 3 days work while P'n'D guys did finished the Job in 6  1/2 hours and that was included a lot of extras ( Pruning and trimming other smaller trees )that I asked later and these people did it with a smile.
    Chris is a very pleasant person that always smiles and goes beyond his duties to satisfy the customer needs.
    Same as the rest of the crew who work as a real teamwork without much of talking, they just know what to do with a sound of like "Hee Hoo" every time.
    In order to have a good job done, need a trained staff, the right tools and equipments, teamwork and a good attitude. P'n'D Logging has it all and that's why they are successful.

    thumb Behrooz N.

      Noticed P'n'D Logging at the Seattle Convention Center Home & Remodeling Show on January 6.  Very nice people so we had them come out for an estimate which was fair and scheduled tree removal and trimming.  The work was completed within the week and we could not be happier.  I would definitely recommend P'n'D to family and friends.

    thumb Mary D.

      P&D recently removed 4 large Fir trees from our home in Sammamish.  These were the 100-200 foot variety and while they were all dead, they were a LOT of work.  Out of the 4 or 5 quotes I researched, P&D was by far the best price.  We paid about $2300 for the trees with tax and that included clearing about 20 branches away from above the home.

    Chris was a very friendly foreman and his crew did a fantastic job.  I'd definitely call them again and highly recommend them (in fact I already have!).

    thumb Chris H.
  •   I called this company for an estimate for 1 tall fir tree in my front yard in Lynnwood, WA mainly due to the Yelp reviews saying they charged a fair price or the one that really got me to call was the one that said we called 5 companies and P'n'D was the lowest.  

    Their bid WAS THE HIGHEST!  $3,500 to take down the tree, $300 to grind the stump and $250 to haul away the wood plus 10.4% tax which puts the bill at roughly $4,400 for one tree!

    I called 4 others and all were licensed companies and got bids of $900, $1200 and $1500 TOTAL including cutting the wood into 16 inch rounds and my choice of leaving it there or having them haul away.  Nobody was charging me to haul except this company

    They were about 3 1/2 times the price of others.  I am still shocked at their estimate!

    thumb Pat D.

      We had 3 trees to remove, one about 30' tall, and a large stump (3' diameter) all near our house.  We got quotes from 5 other companies and P & D.  We were very impressed with P&D and since their quote was lower than everyone else we chose them.  We wanted the stumps ground below grass level and they were all in raised flower beds, P&D requested we dig around the roots to ground level to ensure there were no wires, etc in the way.  We did so, called to schedule, and they were there within 2 days, during peak season no less!  They called and had the utilities marked so we didn't have to worry about that.  They came when they said they would and did an incredible job.  1.5 hours total had all 3 trees down, the stumps ground, and they did an amazing job with clean up.  They raked the dirt into the holes left by the stumps to ensure no tripping hazard with holes, they raked up fallen leaves and wood chips, hauled everything off, blew the leavings off the walk and drive way.  It was incredible to behold.  I enthusiastically recommend them for any tree removal you may need.  I know I'll be saving their info!

    thumb Abbie W.

      P&D removed 10 very large fir trees from our back yard for a fair price. One of the trees was so close to our home that it was literally touching our deck and another was growing right next to the foundation. All the trees were removed safely.

    thumb Kim W.
  •   Just had these guys trim 5 trees and they did a great job. Cleanup was great and very thorough. Price was more than fair. I would recommend them to anybody.

    thumb Derek S.

      Got a bid/proposal, selected them and watched in amazement as they removed our trees.  Two large firs were located within two to three feet of our home, one precariously close to our front walkway and driveway.  In addition, we had a dangerous double fir with a broken top and two additional trees removed. Limbs were removed and lowered by rope, then a crane was hoisted to remove the large sections of tree trunk. While this was happening workers were grinding stumps and running branches to the chipper.  Additionally, two firs were thinned.  Clean-up was good. One of the guys blew off our deck, even though he had to climb a ladder to access it.  All of this took approximately 4 hours. These guys do a great job!

    thumb Wendy W.

      We had a very tall very dead alder that other outfits didn't want to touch. Over several months each outfit we called was full of "we can tackle anything" bravado,  but would suddenly "forget" to "call us back with an estimate" after seeing the thing.
    The day before a predicted wind event threatened to topple the thing onto our neighbor, we contacted P&D as a last hope.  Miraculously, and despite their busy storm prep, the owner made it to our place and slayed the monster in one quick visit.
    Well done P&D.  Well done.

    thumb Matthew R.
  •   I had two dangerously huge fir trees in my backyard that needed removal, so I called 3 different companies for bids. Two of the companies required the removal of a section of fence and a carport. P&D gave a competitive bid and removed the trees and branches with their crane system. The whole job including stump grinding took only 3 hours!

    thumb Kevin M.

      This tree removal company was THE BEST!! I am so happy with their great service. In two hours, they removed a huge hemlock, a huge cedar arm abutted up against my fence and they CLEANED up everything!! I never post reviews - but, this company is exceptional - I highly recommend them and will use them again if I need trees removed!!! Excellent ! I can't stop staring at my yard!!

    thumb Leanne F.

      We have used P & D twice and both times we have been extremely happy with their work.  Both times their prices were fair, they were on time and cleaned up after themselves.  This last time they wanted to make sure I was happy with the work that they did on our two large Asters, so they made sure to book a time when I was present.  Neighbors have stopped by to let us know how great the two trees look.  I will definitely have them back and recommend them to friends and family.

    thumb Tom J.

I had 5 trees removed that were going to be a danger to my house before long. As soon as they arrived (early!) they set at it and within one hour they had...

Troy H.
May 1, 2017

P&D removed 10 very large fir trees from our back yard for a fair price. One of the trees was so close to our home that it was literally touching our deck...

Kim W.
March 26, 2017

Just had these guys trim 5 trees and they did a great job. Cleanup was great and very thorough. Price was more than fair. I would recommend them to anybody.

Derek S.
November 19, 2016

I had two dangerously huge fir trees in my backyard that needed removal, so I called 3 different companies for bids. Two of the companies required the...

Kevin M.
October 8, 2016

These guys are good! I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

J Carlos Gonzalez
August 12, 2016

We had a very tall very dead alder that other outfits didn't want to touch. Over several months each outfit we called was full of "we can tackle anything"...

Matthew R.
October 16, 2016

Incredible, showed up early . I thought I had a big job, well these guys showed up and went to work. 8 large trees all gone and when they left It looked like they was never here. Super impressed with the clean up. Great Guy's I highly recommend P and D Logging. Also I had 4 bids. There's was very close to everyone else and they brought the Crane to insure I had no damage to the yard or house.. I really appreciate you guy's.

Brian Taylor
April 1, 2016

If your looking for wood, look no further. Chris brought me a couple of large cords in October of good hardwoods. I just had another large cord dropped off and it's beautiful wood. Cut to about 16" that fits my wood stove perfect. It lights quick and so far I have been getting 8-10 hours of burn time. Thanks Chris for delivering on your promise. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Jr Barto
March 16, 2016

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