Land Clearing - Woodinville

Land Clearing for Woodinville New Construction Projects

Land-Clearing-Woodinville-WA If you are starting on a new construction project in the Woodinville area, most likely land clearing services are already on your list. In rare instances, it may be something you can accomplish with elbow grease and a few tools, but most of the time is it takes heavy-duty equipment and skilled operators.

Since 1977, P’n’D Logging and Tree Service has been helping landowners transform unusable property into land that is ready to build on. Preparing the land involves a variety of tasks; land clearing services generally include:

  • Earthwork
  • Grubbing
  • Tree removals
  • Brush and vegetation clearing
  • Stump grinding or removals
  • Removing large rocks 
  • Excavation and grading

Our land clearing crews work with homeowners, business owners, and municipal property owners in the Woodinville area.  

Brush Clearing for Woodinville Landscape Renovations

 Brush-Clearing-Woodinville-WAAlthough brush clearing is similar to land clearing, brush clearing is often the only thing required for landscape makeovers or renovations. However, while heavy equipment may not be required, there are plenty of things that will need to be accomplished to complete your renovations.

Our crew of brush clearing experts can eliminate vegetation, thick brush undergrowth, and other unwanted elements to leave you with accessible, and safe property to turn your landscaping ideas into a reality!

Brush clearing services can involve:

  • Removal of dense, out-of-control vegetation
  • Removing small (or large) trees
  • Tree chipping and stump grinding
  • Removing underbrush

You may also want to consider tree pruning and view clearing to add to your renovation list!    

Woodinville Land Clearing Services for Home & Business Property

Land-Clearing-Services-Woodinville-WAHaving worked throughout the Puget Sound region for decades, we know that land clearing services are needed for various reasons. While the homeowner is excited about finally building that new home on the property they have had for years, the businessperson is just as thrilled to get started or expand their business!

Land clearing is not a simple task. It takes skilled professionals, experienced equipment operators, industry-specific equipment, and the best gear available to ensure fast and efficient services performed safely.

A few other reasons why to choose our land clearing services:

  • Municipal parks and playgrounds
  • Pool installations
  • Vegetation growth management
  • Preparation for expanding or adding parking lots
  • Erosion control in wooded areas
  • Utility easements and fire breaks

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