5 Facts to Know Before Hiring a Local Arborist

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5 Facts to Know Before Hiring a Local Arborist

Do you have a tree or several that’s in need of care or removal? If so, it’s time to call an arborist. Arborists provide expert advice and maintenance for trees in both commercial and residential areas.

But, before you call up your local arborist, be sure and read these 5 facts you need to know before hiring the right arborist for your job.

1. They Don’t Need to Be Certified

They need experience, knowledge and the right equipment.  If they are certified, that is ok too but all that means is that they’ve had their knowledge tested by an association.  Ask about their experience, look for customer feedback on reliable third party websites and find out how long they’ve been in business.  Finding out what licenses or association memberships they carry is also helpful.

If your local arborist has experience and good customer testimonials, then you can rest assured that they are real professionals.

2. They Should Have Liability Insurance 

Even with a certified, professional arborist, the unfortunate reality is that accidents do happen. The best way to protect yourself in case of a fall is to verify that your local arborist has liability insurance and workers comp before you sign a contract.

It’s a protection for you and your arborist to verify this coverage by calling their insurance company yourself or asking to see your arborist’s certificate of insurance.

3. If It’s Over 15ft, You Need an Arborist

Sometimes businesses or homeowners aren’t sure when they should hire a professional arborist to care for their trees. One simple rule of thumb is that if one or more trees on your property are over 15ft tall, you need a professional to take care of them.

Smaller trees can be maintained or cared for by you or a garden crew. But, when it comes to great heights, a local arborist is much more qualified to safely care for your trees.

4. All Trees Are Not Created Equal

Different species of trees can require vastly different kinds of care. Different species also tend to develop different problems and require unique ways of pruning them.

Professional arborists are educated and certified in the different species of trees and the proper way of pruning, removing, and caring for them. Compared to an average person with a chainsaw and pair of goggles, an arborist is experienced and knowledgable about how to safely and properly treat your trees.

This brings up another point–arborists know what tools are needed to care for trees, and how to use them.

5. The Cost Varies

Before hiring a local arborist, be aware that the cost will vary. The simple reason is that the size of the job and the challenges of it will affect the cost.

Luckily, your arborist can consult with you beforehand to give you an estimate of what you’re looking at. Arborist services vary so you can stay within a budget if needed.

Hiring a Local Arborist Today

Hiring a local arborist is the best way to maintain not only the look of the trees on your property but their health as well.

If you think it’s time to find a great arborist near you, contact us today to speak with our professionals about your needs.