Tree Trimming - Kent

Tree Trimming for Home & Business Properties in Kent

Tree-Trimming-Kent-WAFor any tree care program to be successful, proper tree pruning or tree trimming in the Kent, WA area is important.

Proper tree trimming service results in better tree health, more growth, and beautiful appearance.

However, it is to be done by professionals because if you try to do it and trim the tree improperly, you may end up causing damage to the beloved asset.

If you want to ensure proper tree maintenance, hire the services of specialists like P and D Logging and Tree Service. We offer tree removal services as well.

When is the time to remove a tree?

  • Hazardous trees with structural defects
  • Undesirable or unwanted trees in your yard
  • Unhealthy trees
  • Hollow or leaning trees
  • Trees with large dead branches
  • Rotting trees or trees with damaged roots

Tree Trimming Service in Kent – We Do Large Trees Too!

Tree-Trimming-Service-Kent-WAHire our tree trimming service for your Kent property. We do not discriminate between a big or small project for trimming trees.

We have the necessary tools and employ seasoned arborists for trimming trees. Our tree trimming service is one of the most sought after in this area due to our diligence and commitment to the work.

Hire professional tree trimming service provider if you want the trees to:

  • Be stronger and healthier
  • Have an extended lifespan
  • Allow more sunlight to the trees
  • Be more resistant to diseases and pests
  • Have the strength to withstand high winds and storms

Trimming Trees to Prevent Problems for Kent Residents

Trimming-Trees-Kent-WAIf you want your trees to live longer and healthier, hire us for trimming trees in the Kent community.

Our tree pruning service is one of a kind since we are very meticulous in getting the job done without harming the trees in any way.

We have special tree pruning tools to be able to properly prune fruit trees so that the produce or the tree as a whole is not affected.

Call us for trimming trees from your Kent yard when the tree branches are:

  • About to touch the power lines
  • Close to or touching your roof
  • Loose, hanging or seem dead
  • Not pruned last three years

Call at (425) 569-0900 to hire P and D Logging and Tree Service for trimming trees from your Kent property. We are a dependable and professional tree trimming service.