Stump Grinding Fife

Stump Removal in Fife – Fast & Safe for the Environment


While there are several methods that can be used for stump removal in Fife, we employ the use of a grinding machine that is fast and safe for the environment.

Following cutting, or discovering that a tree has fallen during a storm or decayed and died, there is always the question of how to remove a large stump that is not only unsightly, but an obstacle that makes mowing and landscaping difficult.

Other methods that can be used include:

  • Physical digging out and chopping the roots
  • Use of chemicals and fire, or synthetic or organic fertilizers
  • Decomposition – requires repeated applications and years to decompose fully

The majority of our clients prefer the easier and generally less costly method utilizing our equipment because it takes less time, and allows us to level the ground. Call us today for a free written estimate!

Tree Stump Removal for Fife Home & Business Property


There are several proven methods for tree stump removal for Fife home and business property.

We are professionals with years of experience using a grinding machine that provides customers with the most efficient method, and one that is also safe for the environment.

In general, one of the more difficult techniques involves extraction of the root ball that can be as much as four to ten times the size of the entire structure, making it a significant challenge even for professionals. It also leaves a huge gaping hole that needs to be filled.

While we recommend the use of our equipment, the method of choice among home and business property owners may be determined by:

  • Overall size
  • Budget constraints
  • Amount of physical energy the owner is willing to expend
  • Willingness to wait for full decomposition that may extend to years

If you are having difficulty reaching a decision, call us for useful information and to set up a free written estimate.

Why Call Us for Stump Grinding Service in Fife?


We provide stump grinding service in Fife that can complete the job in minutes!

Our machine utilizes a high-speed disk with teeth that deposit small chips below grade level. By adding a small portion of soil to the chips to bring it to soil line level, we are essentially leaving your property ready for landscaping.

These are a few additional reasons to call us:

  • Our process is quick, efficient and safe for the environment
  • Far less labor intensive than other methods
  • No residue, chemicals or burning
  • Less costly than other methods
  • No large gaping hole left behind
  • No waste

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