Emergency Tree Removal Newcastle

Emergency Tree Removal in Newcastle – Available 24/7


Trees that are uprooted during a storm or those that are diseased and tilted precariously need to be removed immediately as they can pose a danger to those living nearby.

You must immediately call in a 24 hour tree removal company for emergency tree work. Give P and D Logging and Tree Service an opportunity to provide emergency tree removal services in Newcastle, WA.

In addition to emergency tree removal services, call us for the following:

  • Tree limb removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Regular tree services
  • Storm damage tree removal and clean up

Our emergency tree removal cost depends on the services that you require. Using high quality and advanced equipment like cranes and backhoes, we will remove the tree from your property without damaging the landscape, any further.

​Unsafe or Dangerous Tree Limb Removal in Newcastle


Tree limbs that are potentially ruining nearby structures or are posing a threat to the commuters must be cut down immediately.

​Call in a professional tree limb removal service to be assured of proper services. Compare the tree limb removal cost of various companies and then choose the best one.

Count on us for tree limb removal near me in Newcastle as we always:

  • Complete the work on time
  • Use the best quality equipment
  • Put in our best men to work

You should never take up the task of tree limb removal as DIY as you might harm the tree on one hand and damage the structure on the other. Always choose experts for the job of tree limb removal as they know how to deal with the poking or dangerously hanging tree limbs.

​Emergency Tree Removal Service for Newcastle Residents


The requirement of emergency tree removal service might occur after a storm. Trees that are uprooted and are dangerously leaning must be removed immediately. Select us for emergency tree removal service in Newcastle as we are:

  • Well established and reputed
  • Knowledgeable about the new techniques
  • Available round the clock

Trust us for emergency tree removal service in Newcastle and save your home and family from any unnecessary incident. If the tree needs to be removed from your property, we will do it in a way that there is no further damage to your landscaping.

Feel free to call P and D Logging and Tree Service at (425) 569-0900 for any tree limb removal services in Newcastle.