Crane Tree Removal Kittitas, WA

Crane Tree Removal Services for Kittitas Residents


We are the best in the Pacific Northwest specializing in high-risk and dangerous crane tree removal services.

With years of experience, our crew and arborist work seamlessly, operating in all types of conditions using a 110-ft. tree crane to safely lift and move trees into a safe work zone. Our skilled operators are trained in low-impact tree removal with a crane to preserve landscapes.

We are proud to be among the limited few companies that own and operate a crane tree removal service to provide low-impact tree removal at lower costs than traditional methods.

We recommend using our crane tree removal service to extract damaged or dead trees that pose a risk to your landscape or surrounding properties. Our tree crane has lifting booms capable of telescoping at extensive lengths and tilting at wide angles to:

  • Vertically lift heavy trees to a safe work zone
  • Extract damaged trees from delicate & hard-to-reach areas
  • Reduce the impact and preserve your landscape
  • Remove trees from slopes and hillsides

Call for crane tree removal services in Kittitas to complete your project in hours rather than days!

A Tree Crane Can Keep Your Kittitas Landscaping Unharmed


Our arborist and skilled crew, seamlessly working seamlessly with a tree crane, can remove a fallen tree from your roof, or lift a diseased tree within hours rather than days using traditional methods.

We leave no deep ruts or damage to your landscape using our low-impact crane tree removal services and proper rigging techniques. Most traditional tree removal techniques lack that advantage.

These are a few circumstances in which using a tree crane is advantageous for removing trees from your property in Kittitas:

  • Fallen tree on a roof during heavy winds
  • Lifting a tree over a septic system
  • Tree removal with a crane following significant storm damage
  • Emergency tree removals that pose a threat to surrounding property

Call the best in the Pacific Northwest for tree crane services at lower costs than using traditional methods!

Kittitas Low Impact Tree Removal with a Crane


We specialize in high-risk crane tree service, operating in all types of weather conditions.

We use tree removal with a crane as the best method for achieving superior results that are cost-effective and timely.

If you are unsure when a tree should be removed, call us to evaluate any potential for property or infrastructure damage. Traditional tree extraction methods have a higher risk of damaging your home and surrounding property than using tree removal with a crane.

These are a few benefits of using tree removal with a crane in Kittitas:

  • It is the safest and most efficient option
  • Our method is the most cost-effective
  • We use only skilled crane operators
  • Least invasive tree removal service

Call P and D Logging and Tree Service to handle even the most difficult tree removals. We are a safety-first company! 425-569-0900